Saturday, July 4, 2009

Global Warming - The Effects on the Tourism Industry

By Napoleon Miles

Global warming has an effect on tourism and the economies of many nations. Scientists are forecasting that the Caribbean and its surrounding areas will register a constant increase in temperature. The same can be said about the Mediterranean basin. Global warming has interesting effects on the tourism industry.

A characteristic of the northern countries is their low temperatures. With an increase in temperature their climate may be much warmer. This has very important consequences on the tourism industry.

Some counties may suffer from droughts in the near future. Many plants may not resist such high temperatures and many countries may become more similar to a desert. On the other hand, by the increase in temperature, countries like Canada and northern Europe will be more habitable than nowadays and so attract tourists and settlers.

Avalanches may also increase. Places used for skiing may no longer be appropriate for such an activity. So such places will no longer be a tourist attraction. On the other hand new areas may become adequate for skiing. In general we will be witnessing to a shift in the tourism industry.

The consequences of global warming are therefore a general shift in tourism from the Caribbean and the Mediterranean countries to that of Canada and the northern European countries. Countries like Italy, Spain and Greece may become too hot to live comfortably in. Presently these countries have a highly developed tourism industry because of their favorable climate. On the other hand countries like Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Norway may develop booming tourist industries in the coming years.

Such a shift in the tourism industry will mean also a shift in resources. Northern countries will have to shift more resources from other industries to cater for the booming tourism industry. On the other hand Caribbean and Mediterranean countries must adapt to the new situation and shift resources from the now declining tourism industry to other more profitable industries.

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